Best Practices

20 High-Impact Ways to Make Your Event Sustainable


1. Eliminate Single-Use Water Bottles and Provide Water Refill Stations
An overwhelming 97% of Clean Regattas have said goodbye to single-use plastic water bottles. Will you join them?
2. Eliminate Plastic Straws
Skip 'em altogether or find an eco-smart alternative. We've seen paper, metal, or even hay and pasta do the trick!
3. Serve Food with Plastic-Free Dinnerware
Use it once and have it last forever? Not at a Clean Regatta! Choose to reuse (and beware of those sneaky bio-plastics)!
4. Use or Provide Reusable Bags
Plastic bags are out of style. Do your part to make sure that one less plastic bag finds its way into the water.
5. Award Practical Items or Use a Perpetual or Upcycled Trophy
Celebrate participants' achievements with gear they'll actually use. Or create a legacy with a perpetual trophy.


6. Publicize Your Sustainability Efforts
Tell the world you're protecting what you love by making strides for a greener planet and bluer seas!
7. Involve Local Organizations
Use strengths already present in your community to make sure your Clean Regatta is a success.
8. Post Educational and Reusable Signage
At the event, showcase your efforts with signs that you can reuse and add to year after year.
9. Serve Local Food or Source Seafood Sustainably
Back up your words with actions: support local businesses and make sure your seafood is sustainably caught.


10. Organize A Green Team
This invaluable group will be your go-to support system and help you achieve all your sustainability goals.
11. Ensure Proper Waste Bin Placement and Signage
Making sure waste gets into the correct bin can be tricky. Signs help make it as simple as possible!
12. Divert Food Waste from the Landfill
Composting might be easier than you think! Or, take this opportunity to feed those in need with any leftovers.
13. Use Paperless Event Management
From whiteboards, to projectors, to TVs and phones, there's a lot of sustainable ways to distribute information.


14. Host a Beach or Marina Clean-up
Increase awareness of the plastic pollution problem and do your part to make an immediate impact on your local environment.
15. Promote Alternative Transportation
Biking, carpooling, using public transit, or offsetting your carbon footprint can all go a long way to reducing carbon emissions.
16. Increase Awareness of Wildlife and Habitat Protection
Part of protecting what you love involves safeguarding those who call our waters home!
17. Offer Vegetarian or Vegan Alternatives
Eating vegetarian can reduce your carbon footprint and impact on the environment by more than you may think.


18. Use Eco-Smart Race Management Techniques
Look into innovations that reduce your impacts while racing.
19. Prevent Toxins from Entering the Water
Help keep harmful chemicals out of the water by choosing your products carefully.
20. Encourage Green Boating Practices
Every single boater at your event can do their part to protect our waters.