About Us

Sailors for the Sea unites boaters to protect the ocean.

The ocean is in trouble. Here’s how we know:

ocean statistics, 8 million tons of plastic enter the ocean, 90% less large fish in the sea, Global Ocean surface temperatures have warmed 1.5 degrees

But together we can make a difference

Whether you race your sunfish on a lake, or are on your 20th circumnavigation – you have the power to solve the most serious threats to our ocean.

We are over a million strong

In 2016 over 1,300,000 people engaged with Sailors for the Sea’s programs and social media. Together we are creating a powerful wave of change – but we know it’s going to take all of us to get the job done.

We have 4 key programs that give you the tools and knowledge to take action.

Clean Regattas: The world’s only sustainability certification for water-based events with 25 Best Practices to ensure your regatta reduces its environmental impact. Used globally by everybody from Opti sailors to the America’s Cup competitors - over 1,000 regattas and 400,000 sailors have participated in the program.

KELP: Kids Environmental Lesson Plans are easy to teach, use items found around the house and you don’t need to be a scientist to understand them. Over 110,000 students at 600+ organizations have been inspired to know and love the ocean through KELP activities.

Ocean Watch: A series of monthly articles that will transport you around the world as you explore the ocean and learn about the challenges it faces while discovering the unknown. Over 240,000 readers have learned how they can make difference. Join them today!

Green Boating Guide: A practical, resource filled handbook that answers questions like which non-toxic cleaning products actually work and what is the best battery for the environment and my boat. New in 2016, it has quickly become the go-to guide for boaters to reduce their environmental impact.

Global reach

Sailors for the Sea is headquartered in Newport, Rhode Island and has two affiliates; Sailors for the Sea Japan and Sailors for the Sea Portugal.

our programs have been used in 40 states and 49 countries

Like drops in the ocean, sailors and boaters are individuals. But together we’re creating a powerful wave of change that is sweeping the globe.