Green Winterizing your boat

Perhaps it is the Nor'easter blowing cold wind through our office windows... but winterizing boats is on our mind today. We have complied some tips from two great resources, our past Ocean Watch Essay - Winterizing Your Boat, and CZ-Tip - Boat Winterizing—Keep It Green. Click on either link for the full list - or read out highlights below.

  • Use non-toxic antifreeze
  • Dispose of oil correctly
  • Support the Clean Marinas initiative by switching to a marina that follows these standards, or changing your marina to follow these standards.
  • Use non-toxic and homemade all natural clean products
  • Got Sewage? - Sewage holding tanks should be emptied before winter storage.
  • Oily bilge water is a hazardous waste, so before emptying, place an oil absorbent pad/sock (available at marine supply stores) in the bilge to capture all oily waste, then have your marina pump out the clean water. If doing it yourself, use absorbents to remove all visible oil and pump bilge water onto the ground away from storm drains and water bodies.

As you dream about next season's boating season - or if you are one of the lucky ones preparing to head south - consider copper free bottom paint! Also by making a donation to Sailors for the Sea - you get a discount at ePaint. Share below: what is your best tip for winterizing?