Conservation Activity at America's Cup World Series in Naples

Gaiola Underwater Park

Racing begins today at the America's Cup World Series in Naples, Italy. (Click here to watch racing)

Sailors for the Sea program lead, Annie Brett is in Naples working with the America's Cup to implement the Clean Regattas best practices.

On Monday, she participated in the conservation activity at the America's Cup World Series in Naples, which brought together local students to explore their Marine Protected Area, Gaiola Underwater Park. The park is of great interest, archaeologically and naturally because it juxtaposes ancient remains and biological colonies of animal and plant life flourishing in and around structures that have stood there since roman times.

Students learn about microscopic organisms that live under the sea during the America's Cup World Series in Naples.

The students learned about different organisms, viewed them under microscopes, and learned the importance of having Marine Protected Areas. Students also learned about the importance of recycling to help reduce their impact on the ocean.