NT3 Pledge

No Trash. No Trail. No Trace. = The NT3  Pledge

Every year, one third of carbon dioxide emissions – created by producing plastic, petroleum-based chemicals, and burning fossil fuels—are absorbed by the ocean. As a result we’re changing its chemistry.

Often called global warming’s evil twin, Ocean Acidification is the number one threat to ocean health, marine animals and the people who love and depend upon the ocean.

The implications are immense, and like dominoes, as parts of the food chain disappear and coral reefs vanish, 20% of the world’s food supply will go with it.

All this is happening right now. Under the hull of your boat. And in the water where you and your family swim.


Take the NT3 Pledge Now!

Join a community that is restoring ocean health by taking big and small steps to reduce their carbon footprint. Not sure how? Don’t worry, we’ll be at your side along the way.