About Us

Like drops in the ocean, sailors and boaters are individuals. But together we’re creating a powerful wave of change that is sweeping the globe.

Who We Are

Sailor: noun \ˈsā-lər\  — A traveler by water.

Sailors for the Sea is a leading conservation organization that engages, educates, inspires and activates the sailing and boating community toward healing the ocean. We are a movement and pragmatic voice for action that offers boaters tangible opportunities to create a legacy and make a difference.

Since its start in 2004 by lifelong friends and sailors David Rockefeller, Jr. and David Treadway, Sailors for the Sea has been harnessing the wind in the collective sail of ocean conservation. As a result, one-by-one, boaters are becoming catalysts for change.

Our Vision

A vibrant and bountiful ocean.

It’s clear that the ocean is in crisis. Environmental challenges like plastic waste, acidification, climate change and toxic chemicals are not only threatening marine life, but our health—and the health of our children and the planet for generations to come.

Sailors for the Sea was founded as a collective rallying cry for a community that loves and is passionate about protecting the ocean. Together we are one voice. One legacy. And the momentum behind a sea change.

Charting Our Path

The sailing and boating community in the United States is 12 million strong. Our goal is to rally this community–unite them around their passion for the sea–and power one of the most significant ocean conservation movements of our time. To launch this movement we need you to take action!

Through Clean Regattas, Kids Environmental Lesson Plans (KELP), Ocean Watch and the Green Boating Guide—Sailors for the Sea sends a vibrant message of hope and empowerment. These pragmatic, useful tools and programs enable boaters to take individual and collective action.

Our Impact

At Sailors for the Sea, we believe the time for action is now. Our high-impact, results oriented programs are at the helm of hundreds of regattas, thousands of classrooms, and in the hearts and minds of millions. We translate the language of ocean conservation into tangible actions so that our global community can create a powerful sea change—one that is the most significant environmental action by the boating community. Ever.


Sailors for the Sea’s Clean Regattas program is the world’s only sustainability certification system for water based events. One part education, two parts activation, the Clean Regattas program unites and mobilizes sailors by offering support and resources to help heal the ocean. With over 800 Clean Regattas certified since the program’s inception and 300,000 sailors—we’re raising the bar for environmental sustainability and ocean health.

Our Green Boating Guide is the go-to green guide designed especially for recreational boaters and the cruising community. It offers sustainable eco tips, resources and information for fun, meaningful, green boating.


The future of the ocean rests not only in our actions, but also in those of generations that follow. Through KELP (Kids Environmental Lesson Plans), we encourage curiosity in kids and give them tools to learn, discover and protect our precious ocean. Whether it’s a 7-year-old in a sailing dinghy or a 12-year-old at their first overnight summer camp, KELP has already connected 75,000 students physically and mentally to the marine environment.

What is ocean acidification? What are the effects of plastic on both your health and the oceans? Ocean Watch, a monthly periodical that translates the language of marine science into timely and fascinating articles making ocean health personal and relevant; sending a vibrant message of hope that has empowered over 130,500 readers to take action.


We shout each vibrant message of hope and empowerment for the ocean from the top of every mast in the harbor! With over two-million media impressions each month we give boaters inspirational, impactful and exciting information about the ocean they love.

At Sailors for the Sea we are changing lives, protecting the ocean, and building a community of ocean stewards by offering tools, education and inspiration so that boaters may become change agents, and harness the power of their passion to heal the ocean.

Sailors for the Sea is headquartered in Newport, Rhode Island and has two affiliates; Sailors for the Sea Japan, and; Sailors for the Sea Portugal